MLP:FiM Episode List

Episode List


In order to make use of the subtitles, download the episode and the subtitles, and put them in the same folder.
The subtitles I put up for download have the same names as the episodes, so they should synchronize up automatically, if your media player supports it.
Personally I would suggest VLC Media Player, since it's one of the few that support .MKV files, which most of the episodes on here are.
If the subtitles for some reason don't load automatically, make sure the episode is opened in VLC, then go to the above tab Subtitle, Add Subtitle File..., and locate it.


Several people have worked on these subtitles and therefore deserve some credit.
If you've worked on any subtitles provided here and I forgot to mention you, please notify me!

EN subs - Nathan2000, GrayJeager, YayPonies
NL subs - Marcoooootje1, Beatrixie

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